The Bilderbergers - One name. One legend.

Have you ever heared about the Bilderbergers? The name may sounds strange, but behind you will find around 130 of the most powerful people on earth. The Bilderbergers meet once a year, unofficial and on invitation only.

The name originated from their first meeting at the "Hotel de Bilderberg" in Oosterbeek, Netherlands in 1954. Who are the Bilderbergers? Members are highranked politicans, prominent media tycoons, leading bussines leaders as well as members of the royal families. As to name only a few of the Bilderbergers members: Bill Clinton, Henry Kissinger, Tony Blair, Guido Westerwelle, Prince Phillipe of Belgium, Wim Duisenberg, J├╝rgen E. Schrempp, Michel Bon, Will Hutton...

Never before had there been such a comprehensive collection of power. The European Union, the Euro, the oil crisis, the Iraq War, the powerful Bilderbergers ruled the world in the past. And with swine flu and the economic crisis the Bilderbergers rule it in present times too.

With scareing the people because of a pandemic swine flu, they increased the willingness on the establishment of superior authorities like a World Health Ministry, represented by the World Health Organization (according to James P. Tucker, Jr. of the American Free Press). Similar to a new global monetary system to be created under a World Finance Department and no question, a New World Order includes a new monetary system also!

What are their plans for our future? The powerful group of the Bilderbergers will meet in Sitges, near Barcelona in Spain, from 03. till 06. of June this year, to decide on the further fate of this world.

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