Swine flu: journalism is bad for your health!

Price question - who is this: They are manipulative, they are immoral, they are ruthless, they are corrupt.
Politicians? Not bad, but not quite.
The Mafia? Almost correct: Journalists.

Right: most journalists are really no better than the Mafia. Under the motto "They pay, we write!" they are not only willing to sell their souls, but their readers. Because they have to pay the the pig-flu-party, with their tax money and their health. Mendacious and stupid media are not just folklore, but are a danger to citizens.

Help, the swine flu is coming! First, it should have hit Mexico. Mexicans with face masks marched on the TV screens for days. Death-defying reporters risked their live in Mexico. Meanwhile, all that has evaporated. The case and death figures are not worth talking about, if any died alleged to the H1N1 virus is uncertain. Certain is that people were affected by the vaccine and died.

What is next?

Photo Andrea Booher/FEMA public domain.

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