Get prepared for a currency reform in Europe!

Secret EU Case: Preparations for the Euro-II and the forthcoming currency reform.

This message is NOT an April Fool: The preparations for the euro-followers in the Committee »Working Group Euro-II" are far from over.  These secret preparations for the project "Euro-II" was completed before the Greece-crisis.  Because of the counterfeits, new euro notes with additional security features will get on the market. 

Behind closed doors the "Working Group Euro-II," is speaking  about a possible reform in the euro currency area.  Under the direction of policy it is necessary to prepare for all eventualities. Even the old D-Mark-II plates were retrieved from the vaults of the Swiss National Bank and are now - as a precaution - revised and adapted secretly to current safety standards.

Source Udo Ulfkotte, Kopp Verlag original article

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