Feng Shui Color Chart

Feng Shui Color Chart

Feng Shui is made of two words. The first is wind while the second is earth. Its teachings are based on Taoist vision and understanding of nature on the belief that the land is alive and is filled with energy. This in turn could make a kingdom successful or bring it to its downfall.

The advantages of applying Feng Shui colors into your life are not only to invites prosperity and success. Feng Shui brings balance to your life, gives a fresh perspective on things , helps you become more mindful of the little things, opens up possibilities of meeting new people and at least has aesthetic appeal.
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Choosing the right colors with the help of a Feng Shui Color Chart for home or business.

Black symbolizes money and income. Great if you are focusing on your careers especially when combined with metal. In Feng Shui, it is the color of power and protection.

White represents confidence, purity and poise. You can use this color in combination with gold and silver as it generates a calm atmosphere.

Blue reflects love, it creates a feeling of trust and peace. Navy blue best describes intellect and wisdom. Since blue is the color of sea and sky,  it is associated with adventure and exploration.

Purple is associated with spiritual awareness as it is excellent for mental and physical healing.

Green represents balancing, nurturing, refreshing and normalizing. A color of balance, harmony, healing and health in the emotional, physical and spiritual aspect of things.

Yellow represents cheerfulness and friendliness. However, too much exposure to this color can be bad because it often leads to anxiety.

Orange helps you strengthen your concentration especially in times when your creativity runs dry.

Earth colors portrays neatness and helps conceal emotion.

Lavender is the color of sexual indecision. Feng Shui experts believe this color suggests an ability to be manipulated.

For beginners, Feng Shui does not have to mean using particular tools to come up with a harmonious home. Sticking to the basic aspects is enough to attract the right energies into your home.

Some simple Feng Shui bedroom tips:
The ideal bed position is in the corner, diagonally opposite the bedroom door. Place the head of your bed against a wall rather than under a window. Better avoid mirrors in your bedroom, or at least cover them before you go to sleep.
The best Feng Shui room colors for your bedroom are an equal combination of warm soothing tones like cream, peach, and yellow combined with restful cool colors like blue or green.

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