WHO Calls For Taxes On The Use Of The Internet

The World Health Organisation (WHO) of the United Nations increases their pressure for the worlwide collection of consumer taxes. Among other things, it proposes a tax on the use of the Internet, to pay for vaccines and other drug for third world countries.  

One the 1. view, everybody would agree that it is a good thing to help third world countries. But on the 2. view doesn´t we pay enough taxes already. In some countries you have to work for 6 or 7 month till you start earning for your own use. 3. thing is WHO does not even attempt to provide the nutrition in poor countries. To give some vitamin C, vitamin D and plant nutrients to the people would be a more effective means to combat diseases than pharmaceutical drugs. It would be cheaper also.

It's like Robin Hood, but in reverse: They steal from the workers and give it to the super-rich pharmaceutical companies!

Here you can view a summary of the WHO report.

(Source Kopp Verlag)

Attracting Wealth With Your Feng Shui Kua Number

Why not get some help from Feng Shui for attracting wealth into your life, as Feng Shui is essentially about you and your life, luck and health. Let us take your Feng Shui Kua Number for example, it can give important insights into your potential and capacity. In short it is the number that represents the directions which is best or which is worst for you.

How to calculate your Kua Number?

Some simple mathematical steps act as a Feng Shui Kua number calculator. For example I choose the birthday 27. 03.(March) 1984, add only the last two digits:
Add 8 + 4 = 12
Add 1 + 2 = 3

For women take the end result of the addition and add up 5
(3 + 5 = 8)
For men take 10 and subtract the end result of the addition
(10 - 3 = 7)
So if you are a woman, with the birth date 27.03.1984 your Feng Shui Kua Number is 8. If you are a man it is 7.

There are some exceptions from this formula! If your birthday is between 01. January and mid February you have to figure out, if the Chinese new year started already. The Chinese calculate their calendar after the moon and that makes the differences. Each year the Chinese new year starts at a different date in January or February. Here you can check the date for your birth year: chinese new year dates
Lets instead calculate the Feng Shui Kua Number for of 27.01.1972. The Chinese new year starts on 15.02. (February) 1972, therefore subtract 1 year from your birth year, it is 1971 now. Add like shown before and you get 7+1=8.
For woman born on this date the Feng Shui Kua Number is (8+5=13, 1+3=4) 4
For man it is (10-8=2) 2.
The other exception are birth dates after the year 2000. For female add 6 and for male subtract from 9.

Lets again take the first example , a female born on 27.03.1984, her Feng Shui Kua Number is 8. In Feng Shui terms that means your perfect direction is the north-east. In that case it would be the best to place her vision board in north-east direction, when she sits on her desk she should face north-east, and she should place a wealth symbol in the north-eastern corner of her study or living-room.

Have you figured out your fengshui numbers already? Than lets see what your perfect direction is for attracting wealth and abundance.
Feng Shui Kua Number 1: north
Kua Number 2: south-west
Kua Number 3: east
Kua Number 4: south-east
Kua Number 5: south-west (female)
Kua Number 5: north-east (male)
Kua Number 6: north-west
Kua Number 7: west
Kua Number 8: north-east
Kua Number 9: south

Lets have a look at the Kua Number of some celebrities:

Kua Number 1: Ben Affleck
Kua Number 2: Tom Cruise 
Kua Number 3: Jennifer Lopez
Kua Number 4: Demi Moore
Kua Number 5: Cameron Diaz
It is fun to calculate the numbers for some actors and actresses, just Google their birth dates and try yourself.

But this is only one little step on your way to attracting wealth, but nevertheless with every little step you get closer to your destination.  Many people think that “The Secret” is the “be all and end all” solution. Well, it’s not. “The Secret” is just a small portion of the whole cake. But you need support. You also need guidance on how to do it, and also the role models to look up to. Get more help with Bob Proctor´s 11 Forgotten Laws, you can give it a free try here: http://www.law-attraction-secret.guideebook.com/

If you want to learn more about a vision board, have a look at this post: vision board examples 
The pictures represent some Chinese symbols for wealth.

If you want to know how to use Feng Shui to attract Money, Love and Happiness in detail, have a look at "Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life" on Amazon (click the photo). The author Karen Rauch Carter lives in Tustin, CA 92780. If you are in Southern California, Karen is available anytime. Contact her at: support@karenrauchcarter.com, for a privat consultation, fee is: $649

May the right use of your Feng Shui Kua Number bring wealth and abundance into your life!

The Secret To Success And Attracting Abundance

What is the Secret To Success And Attracting Abundance?

There is a saying "The two hardest things to handle in life are failure and success”. What is Success and why is it so hard to get to and handle it? If we have a look at a dictionary, we get the general term of the meaning "the fulfillment of a goal." But success does not mean the same to everybody.

If you ask an actor about success, his idea about it might be very different from what a salesman thinks. But whatever there goal for success is, there is a road you have they travel to get there. There are laws everybody has to follow.
Set yourself a high purpose, keep it always on your mind. It is helpful to have some kind of idol, or hero, someone who is successful already on the path you have chosen. May it be a famous actor, a brilliant scientist, a celebrated chef, a honored businessman, or a remarkable athlete. Be aware, that the competition is getting more intense every year.

You can not rely on chance or luck, prepare yourself as good as possible to succeed. “No matter how poor you may be, if you begin to do things in the Certain Way you will begin to get rich; and you will begin to have capital.” Wallace D. Wattles

Prepare yourself with trust in your skills, be patient, confident and courageous. “To think health when surrounded by the appearances of disease, or to think riches when in the midst of appearances of poverty, requires power; but he who acquires this power becomes a MASTER MIND.” Wallace D. Wattles

What is your desire? A new house, traveling the world, driving a sports car, or simply more money and more success?

You couldn’t get a better crash course on how to put the Law of Attraction into practical application with the 11 Forgotten Laws—and see accelerated success every time—than from the great Bob Proctor himself.
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Vision Board Examples

example of a vision board

For those who have never heard about it, I would like to give you some vision board examples

A vision samples a collection of photos, or cuttings from newspapers, brochures, magazine or advertisements. The images on these pictures reflect your wishes and desires. If you take a look at my vision board examples you get the idea.

You would like to own a sports car? Cut it out of a brochure and put it on your visionboard. You found your dream house, but can not afford it now, take a picture and add it to the vision board. You dream of an expensive designer watch, add an image to it. Collect as many images as you like, everything you dream about but can not afford now.

sample of a vision board  Creating a vision board:

Buy a big frame and assemble all the pictures and cuttings on it. Take a nice picture of yourself too and place it just in the middle, so that you are surrounded of your wealth. Than take the frame and place it on a wall, for example in your office. Everytime you take a look at your visionboard, close your eyes for a few seconds and imagine that you already got all you wished for and enjoy it.

"A vision is not just a picture of what could be; it is an appeal to our better selves, a call to become something more." Rosabeth Moss Kanter

My life changed dramatically since I first watched the famous teachers of "The Secret". Vision board, affirmations and the other mind changing techniques are real worth a try. From a job I didn´t like, to have the freedom to do whatever I want to do, every single day. It brought my to a tropical country with sunshine and warm weather all year round, also a wish of mine.
My vision board included the pictures of two houses I cut off a magazine, the one I bought in the end was a nice stylish mixture of both. So you better be as precise as possible.

"Seeing dreams come true - read about real people who have brought remarkable change to their lives" - click on the cover and have a look at Joyce Schwarz´s book on Amazon.
Reach out for the chance of changing your present life to a life you thought you could only dream about. Learn the secret to attracting wealth now don´t waste your time any longer!

As you see, with the vision board examples in this post you can easily create your own one - and it is fun too.

22 Tips To Systematize Your Day

Do you sometimes have the feeling that 24 hours a day is simply not enought to get everything done? But there are some simple tips that help you to get your daily work done and still have enought time to do something that´s fun.
To keep it very short, I give your some instructions at hand. If you manage to have some minutes left I recommend you to download a free copy of
"Action Unleashed" here 

Tips for your daily time management:
1. Get the time you surve the internet regulated.
2. Manage your e-mails effective.
3. No disturbing allowed.
4. Stay focused on what you are doing.
5. Do what your profession is.
6. Follow your to-do-list.
7. Keep your desk clean and organized.
8. Speed up!
9. Get started!
10. Take notes.
11. Try some light music.
12. Make a checklist.
13. Make your plans for tomorrow.
14. Keep life simple.
15. Keep your TV consumption under control.
16. Do fun things as a break.
17. In order to forget about it, write your thoughts down.
18. Take a nap.
19. Every bit counts.
20. Give yourself good reasons for your work.
21. Try to be an early bird.
22. Keep your body fit.