Attracting Wealth With Your Feng Shui Kua Number

Why not get some help from Feng Shui for attracting wealth into your life, as Feng Shui is essentially about you and your life, luck and health. Let us take your Feng Shui Kua Number for example, it can give important insights into your potential and capacity. In short it is the number that represents the directions which is best or which is worst for you.

How to calculate your Kua Number?

Some simple mathematical steps act as a Feng Shui Kua number calculator. For example I choose the birthday 27. 03.(March) 1984, add only the last two digits:
Add 8 + 4 = 12
Add 1 + 2 = 3

For women take the end result of the addition and add up 5
(3 + 5 = 8)
For men take 10 and subtract the end result of the addition
(10 - 3 = 7)
So if you are a woman, with the birth date 27.03.1984 your Feng Shui Kua Number is 8. If you are a man it is 7.

There are some exceptions from this formula! If your birthday is between 01. January and mid February you have to figure out, if the Chinese new year started already. The Chinese calculate their calendar after the moon and that makes the differences. Each year the Chinese new year starts at a different date in January or February. Here you can check the date for your birth year: chinese new year dates
Lets instead calculate the Feng Shui Kua Number for of 27.01.1972. The Chinese new year starts on 15.02. (February) 1972, therefore subtract 1 year from your birth year, it is 1971 now. Add like shown before and you get 7+1=8.
For woman born on this date the Feng Shui Kua Number is (8+5=13, 1+3=4) 4
For man it is (10-8=2) 2.
The other exception are birth dates after the year 2000. For female add 6 and for male subtract from 9.

Lets again take the first example , a female born on 27.03.1984, her Feng Shui Kua Number is 8. In Feng Shui terms that means your perfect direction is the north-east. In that case it would be the best to place her vision board in north-east direction, when she sits on her desk she should face north-east, and she should place a wealth symbol in the north-eastern corner of her study or living-room.

Have you figured out your fengshui numbers already? Than lets see what your perfect direction is for attracting wealth and abundance.
Feng Shui Kua Number 1: north
Kua Number 2: south-west
Kua Number 3: east
Kua Number 4: south-east
Kua Number 5: south-west (female)
Kua Number 5: north-east (male)
Kua Number 6: north-west
Kua Number 7: west
Kua Number 8: north-east
Kua Number 9: south

Lets have a look at the Kua Number of some celebrities:

Kua Number 1: Ben Affleck
Kua Number 2: Tom Cruise 
Kua Number 3: Jennifer Lopez
Kua Number 4: Demi Moore
Kua Number 5: Cameron Diaz
It is fun to calculate the numbers for some actors and actresses, just Google their birth dates and try yourself.

But this is only one little step on your way to attracting wealth, but nevertheless with every little step you get closer to your destination.  Many people think that “The Secret” is the “be all and end all” solution. Well, it’s not. “The Secret” is just a small portion of the whole cake. But you need support. You also need guidance on how to do it, and also the role models to look up to. Get more help with Bob Proctor´s 11 Forgotten Laws, you can give it a free try here:

If you want to learn more about a vision board, have a look at this post: vision board examples 
The pictures represent some Chinese symbols for wealth.

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May the right use of your Feng Shui Kua Number bring wealth and abundance into your life!

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