WHO Calls For Taxes On The Use Of The Internet

The World Health Organisation (WHO) of the United Nations increases their pressure for the worlwide collection of consumer taxes. Among other things, it proposes a tax on the use of the Internet, to pay for vaccines and other drug for third world countries.  

One the 1. view, everybody would agree that it is a good thing to help third world countries. But on the 2. view doesn´t we pay enough taxes already. In some countries you have to work for 6 or 7 month till you start earning for your own use. 3. thing is WHO does not even attempt to provide the nutrition in poor countries. To give some vitamin C, vitamin D and plant nutrients to the people would be a more effective means to combat diseases than pharmaceutical drugs. It would be cheaper also.

It's like Robin Hood, but in reverse: They steal from the workers and give it to the super-rich pharmaceutical companies!

Here you can view a summary of the WHO report.

(Source Kopp Verlag)

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