How To Attracting Abundance Like A Magnet

And On The 8th Day, God Created The Laws Of Attraction.

You can not hope to succeed by just dreaming about your success and you can not succeed without establishing some degree of personal attraction.

The growth of attraction involves intense and continuous concentration of thought. Acquiring attraction is a constructive process. You rise, from the foundation, through higher stories to the peak.

The sole value of attraction consists in its practical application to everyday life. Success-attraction is not only an accomplishment, it is a practical power. When used in the right way, it controls the subjective self in the concrete work of the objective.

Attraction evolves only through multiplication of capacity into environment by the persistent attracting intention.

Steady, intense affirmation of actual possessed attracting power stimulates the success-elements, maintains receptivity, highlights demand, harmonizes and deepens inner spiritual vibrations and generates a positive movement of the universe and its forces toward you.

Complaints and self-pity weakens the attracting power!

Attraction enhances through beauty of personal surroundings, that means that cleanliness and order are very important; art, literature and music are enormous helpful.

The attracting attitudes, faith, request and affirmation, constitute a attracting lens through which the distant goal of success is enlarged and all nearer barriers and irritating conditions are closed out of your view.

Think of every goal as if you have already reached it!

To establish some kind of attracting personality needs time when you do it by self-education, because it is a growing process. With the help of a teacher you can take a little shortcut and reach your goal earlier and with less failure.

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