Solar Storm 2012 And Pole Shift

NASA scientists warned repeatedly at the risks of exceptionally strong solar storms between 2012 and 2013. Now the mass media seems to get aware of this dangers too, because one or the other sensational solar storm has already arrived. The last one occurred between 22. and 25. of January this year. This happened to be the strongest solar flares since 2005, listed category S3 (S5 is the highest). 

Latest Solar Storm 2012 Warning:

Saturday 14. July in the morning
NOAA predicts: minor
NASA predicts: strong to severe! Earth orbiting satellites could get disoriented and we could see “widespread voltage control problems” among other issues.

But solar storms are not the only danger we have to face, a possible magnetic pole shift is the other.

For centuries, the magnetic needle shows more or less to the same point in the Arctic. More or less, because the magnetic North Pole is anything but fixed. From year to year, it moved 10 km per year in a roughly predictable way. At the moment it travels about 40 km north-west annuually, and left the Canadian islands in the Arctic Ocean. With a constant movement it would reach Siberia in about 50 years. Measurements have shown that the migration speed at the moment.

But the migration of the North Pole is not its most amazing character. Geology knows that it has changed place with the south pole several times in history. The reasons why are not fully understood. There were 171 pole shifts within the last 76 million years. Pole shifts occur repeatedly in a cycle, the intervals are variable, however, a precise prediction is very difficult. But there are signs that precede a pole shift, such as severe climate changes and a rapid weakening of the geomagnetic field. Both are now observed clearly.

These factors and the fact that a geological pole shift is over due has caused many scientists to believe that we are in the early phase of a pole shift. Geological measurements confirm the increasing weakening of the geomagnetic field, since its maximum 2000 years ago it reaches only 38% today.

What would a pole shift mean to life on Earth?

There are numerous studies which show that animals like whales, dolphins, turtles, hummingbirds and gnus, use the Earth's magnetic field like a highway network to find feeding and breeding sites. Even though we humans are different that way, it seems the magnetic field has a considerable influence on our consciousness. It is known that magnetic fields have a significant impact on our nervous system, immune system and our perception of time, space, dreams and reality.

In 1993, international scientist made an astounding and sensational discovery: the human brain contains millions of magnetic particles that bind us to the Earth's magnetic field. If it changes, we are directly affected by it. The researchers localized areas on Earth where the magnetic field is particularly strong or particularly weak. Then they examined the cultural characteristics of the population of these regions.

The result was startling: In areas with a weak magnetic field, the people seem to adapt to new ideas much quicker than in areas with strong magnetic field. It is, for example, in California - a country that is world renowned for its innovation - very weak. However, in central Russia, where the magnetic field is particularly strong, historically upheaval are barely big.

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Very fascinating stuff thankyou. It is interesting that when we have low cloud/heavy pressure over us a lot of us feel it through headaches. Personally, in my role of picking up lost souls through electrical currents I often receive large batches via these clouds.