When will the next solar storm hit, in 2012?

On the nights of 2. and 3. of May a solar particle front from the sun raced to earth and created a long-lasting geomagnetic storm that flared up in many regions as bright auroras. Overall our star still shows a rather subdued activity, but this could change significantly. Every 11 years a maximum in solar activity is expected, the so called solar cycle. The last maximum was in 2001, the next maximum is expected around the year 2012. Huge solar eruptions are expected, possibly with a super solar storm 2012, which could create a widespread electricity outages and general chaos. The last huge solar storm happened in 1859, but that was before the age of electronics and computers!

Latest Solar Storm 2012 Warning:
Saturday 14. July 2012
NOAA prediction: minor
NASA prediction: strong to severe! Earth orbiting satellites could get disoriented and we could see “widespread voltage control problems” among other issues.

Within the last few weeks and months, there were lots of fiery eruptions, gigantic hydrogen jets, which overshot the glowing surface of the sun. There are more sun spots now also. Large solar storms can become a real source of danger.

What happened on the 1. September 1859? The connections via telegraph lines worldwide broke down, spark discharges hit the staff in the telegraph offices, many fires broke out. In August 1972 a smaller solar storm affected the telephone lines in Illinois. In March 1989 a more severe sun storm hit the earth and caused some chaos in Canada. The Canadian stock exchange lost there computers, automatic garage door openers got crazy, even in New Jersey transformers melted and some satellites in earth orbit got into serious trouble too.

Nowadays our society is even more vulnerable, we rely completely on internet connections, GPS, radar, satellite communications and electricity. If a solar storm like 1859 would hit today, the impacts would be enormous for the economy and our private life also.

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