Optimism protects against cold

OPTIMISM PROTECTS AGAINST COLD „Mens sana into corpore sano - a healthy spirit in a healthy body “ an old Latin saying is called.

Studies at the german University Clinic Hamburg Eppendorf and the Roehampton University in London show, that the more optimistic the test persons were, the more healthy they are.

Thus they proved, that optimistic students get less infections of the upper respiratory system, than their pessimistically thinking fellow students.
At the beginning of the study the researchers asked 43 women and 37 men regarding their life attitude and other test questions, than they divided the average 23 years old students into optimists and pessimists. In the consequence the scientists examined the infection status of the test persons once during and once outside of the test phase. They asked after symptoms like clogged nose, cough or neck inflammations.

The result: The optimistic pupils felt their test phase not only as less stressful and psychologically loading, they had fewer cold sympthoms also. The optimists regard the stress phase rather as a challenge. The pessimist had more problems to master the test, they needed more energy and were more effected by the cold symphtoms.

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