22 Tips To Systematize Your Day

Do you sometimes have the feeling that 24 hours a day is simply not enought to get everything done? But there are some simple tips that help you to get your daily work done and still have enought time to do something that´s fun.
To keep it very short, I give your some instructions at hand. If you manage to have some minutes left I recommend you to download a free copy of
"Action Unleashed" here 

Tips for your daily time management:
1. Get the time you surve the internet regulated.
2. Manage your e-mails effective.
3. No disturbing allowed.
4. Stay focused on what you are doing.
5. Do what your profession is.
6. Follow your to-do-list.
7. Keep your desk clean and organized.
8. Speed up!
9. Get started!
10. Take notes.
11. Try some light music.
12. Make a checklist.
13. Make your plans for tomorrow.
14. Keep life simple.
15. Keep your TV consumption under control.
16. Do fun things as a break.
17. In order to forget about it, write your thoughts down.
18. Take a nap.
19. Every bit counts.
20. Give yourself good reasons for your work.
21. Try to be an early bird.
22. Keep your body fit.

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