Irish Daily Star: They deserve to be shot!

"They deserve to be shot",  the headline an Irish newspaper, the Irish Daily Star!  And added two photos with the words: "These two hybrids have cost us 25 billion." In the photos, the former CEO of Anglo Irish Bank "and the" Irish Nationwide Building Society are seen. The Irishmen are now split - they will shoot these former top manager, or better not?  The anger is boiling up in the country.  And the atmosphere threatens to be quite warlike.

While turning the eyes of the European media to the bankrupt in Greece, in Ireland they seam to have similar problems. Wages and benefits will be reduced further and further. But there is more money just to save the big banks every month. Again 22 billion government aid are to be cut from ordinary citizens.

Source Udo Ulfkotte, Kopp Verlag, original article 
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