Free the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Hidden within you lies a secret power. If you can mobilize that power, you will be able to manifest whatever your heart desires.

Everybody has this secret power, you can name it the higher self, or the world within for example. Charles Haanel explained it this way: "The world within is governed by mind. When we discover this world, we shall find the solution for every problem, the cause for every effect; and since the world within is subject to our control, all laws of power and possession are also within our control."

If you want to express this power of your subconscious mind, you need to study it, to focus on it, and constantly use it.

If you successfully use this power of your subconscious mind, the world is open to you. You can live the life you want, get the partner you like, life wherever you want, have whatever you dreamed about for so long and never thought you could ever achieve it. Remember, all growth is from within, this is a natural law.

Don't harm yourself with limiting ideas. Like Henry Ford said more than 100 years ago: "Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right." It is all in your mind, for better results you need some "brainwash"! Make it your motto: I can. For example, you want to have a new car, but not the money. Don´t say: I can´t afford it; instead say: I can, but in the moment I decide to spend my money for other things.

If you want to mobilize your subconscious mind power and manifesting wealth into your life, you need to think positive. Maybe even more important, you need to feel positive, positive emotions are essential to succeed. Don´t let worries bother you, ban fear and anxieties from you mind. If you are depressed or frustrated do something immediately to change your thinking. As a first aid, smile, even if you have to fake it. If you smile, you are not able to think something negative, that's a natural law. Try and you will see. Then listen to your favorite music, drink a cup of tea or coffee or whatever makes you happy.

Hopefully this little article may helps you on your way to mobilize the power of your subconscious mind in order to get what you want and deserve in life. It is all up to you, decide you can.

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5 Tips On How To Find Good Content To Fill Up Your Website And Blog

If you run a number of blogs or websites it can be very time consuming to get ideas, or write the content for your websites by yourself. Let me try to give you some time saving tips instead.

1. Forums are a good way to find great content. While you are not allowed to copy there conversation, but you can learn a lot and tell it in your own words.
Visit if you are interested in internet marketing ideas.

2. is a brilliant site to find niche ideas or concepts.

3. Sites like and are great sources for good written articles. But you have to take the articles as they are, with links and authors name and resource box at the end.

4. You can also buy quality content, good sources are: and (former RentACoder). Be aware that if you bit to low, you might get bad quality only, even stolen or copyrighted material. To avoid this use to check the material.

5. Private Label Rights articles are a good way to add usefull content too. You can buy them single, as a package or think about a membership and get PLR articles on a regular basis. But you have to rewrite the text a little to make it unique and add your favorite keywords. You can also take the articles as they are and add maybe some sentences at the beginning and the end, to make them more unique.
Have a look at: and for example.

Insider Blogging Secrets
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How To Attracting Abundance Like A Magnet

And On The 8th Day, God Created The Laws Of Attraction.

You can not hope to succeed by just dreaming about your success and you can not succeed without establishing some degree of personal attraction.

The growth of attraction involves intense and continuous concentration of thought. Acquiring attraction is a constructive process. You rise, from the foundation, through higher stories to the peak.

The sole value of attraction consists in its practical application to everyday life. Success-attraction is not only an accomplishment, it is a practical power. When used in the right way, it controls the subjective self in the concrete work of the objective.

Attraction evolves only through multiplication of capacity into environment by the persistent attracting intention.

Steady, intense affirmation of actual possessed attracting power stimulates the success-elements, maintains receptivity, highlights demand, harmonizes and deepens inner spiritual vibrations and generates a positive movement of the universe and its forces toward you.

Complaints and self-pity weakens the attracting power!

Attraction enhances through beauty of personal surroundings, that means that cleanliness and order are very important; art, literature and music are enormous helpful.

The attracting attitudes, faith, request and affirmation, constitute a attracting lens through which the distant goal of success is enlarged and all nearer barriers and irritating conditions are closed out of your view.

Think of every goal as if you have already reached it!

To establish some kind of attracting personality needs time when you do it by self-education, because it is a growing process. With the help of a teacher you can take a little shortcut and reach your goal earlier and with less failure.

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